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Dear Friend,

      If you want to close and fund enough real estate loans to survive... AND PROSPER... in the next 12-months, here is some information you need... right now!

      First, I want to inject a note of reality. The time period of making easy money with refi loans is over. Sure, there is still "some" money to be made in refi's but, it ain't like it was for the last few years.

      That means many mortgage brokers (who don't accept this reality) are going to be bankrupt by the end of this year. Or, at the very least, they are going to be downsizing until they have nothing left but a "skeleton" crew.

      So, what should you do? The answer is obvious and unavoidable. What you MUST do is...

You've Got To Start Specializing
In Working Leads From People Who
Are Buying A House... Instead Of
Just Wanting To Refinance A Mortgage!

      There's a lot of those people and I can provide you with quality leads so you can start building a pipeline which will deliver a steady stream of earnings. In fact, if you don't get at least 1 loan in process from a test of 30... I will give you 5 more quality prospects... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

      Are you skeptical? I understand. That's normal and healthy. And that's why I'm going to give you four good reasons to believe what I say:

1.   Your leads flow through our lead management system that's "hard-wired" to remove duplicate and bad data. Then (and only then) it finds the exact prospects you are wanting. Then, we send you an immediate alert to log in... or... it delivers them to you in an attachment.

2.   Another reason you can believe me is because I do... NOT... sell my leads by using hype. I don't make earnings claims. Our places promise huge conversion rate. They paint pictures of you crushing the competition and show you the conversion rates of their few "poster boys."

      That's total hype. I don't know you, your skills or your background. You may fail miserably... but... it will NOT be because of the quality of our leads. In fact...

If You Are A Poor Salesperson
Please Do... NOT... Try Our Service!

3.   Several large "household name" mortgage companies (and, their net branch operations) use our leads to keep their originators producing. Listen: People like that don't pay us thousands of dollars a week for us to send them junk. Our leads are quality and, they DO result in more closings.

4.   Several large internet providers literally "fight" for our leftovers at the end of the day. Do you think they would do that if our leads were not top quality?

      You would get a kick out of hearing which ones but I can't mention any of them by name because of the non-disclosure agreements I had to sign.

Here Is A Summary Of The
Benefits You Receive If You
Decide To Work With Us:

   No set up or funding fees. (That means you keep more of your advertising   budget working for you.)

   No long term contract. (That means you don't have to decide now if you want to be our client for life. You can try us out with a small (30) test order.)

    No per funding fee. (That means you keep ALL of your earnings from your closed loans.)

    Free filters. (This means you get to pick your states, loan and credit types 100% free.)

   Our mortgage ads and sites emphasize service... NOT... rates. (This means you get warmer prospects set up the way you want them set up.)

   Our lead management system 100% deletes duplicate applications. (This means you are guaranteed NEVER to receive a duplicate application from us in any 30-day period.)

    Our lead management system is programmed to only send you the right kind of leads. (This means you get the leads you need with fast and accurate delivery.)

    Our lead management system is able to validate applications. (This means you don't waste time with phony applications.)

    Our lead management system lets you view current and previous prospects from any computer. (This means you can recover your leads even if your computer hard drive crashes and burns.)

    We have a guaranteed Quality Assurance & Replacement Policy. (It is automatic and on the honor system.)

    We offer a very quick and easy account setup. (This means you could be contacting new clients tomorrow.)

How and why can we do all this? The answer is very simple...

We Are Quality Fanatics!

      You will receive prospects that are "set up" correctly. All we promise the applicants is you will provide them with fast, friendly, personal service and, you will help them search for the best loan to fit their needs.

      You can convert them if you deliver on your end of the bargain... and if... you don't try to make every deal a "Home Run."

      You will receive quality leads which are fresh... and not... "incentivized" with below market rates, free prizes, etc.

      Our system ensures leads are shared only the number of times allowable by your order. In fact, many shared accounts receive as many as 30% of their leads as exclusives!

      Our system does NOT let a person reapply within 30-days.

      Our system scrubs out Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck type leads. It also kicks out applicants with malformed addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. And, your leads can be sent in either a printable or uploadable format. Here's how we explain the online loan process to the borrowers at the websites:

This is how the online loan process is explained to the borrowers at the websites.

Input information for the loan search
Your request will be routed to a loan coordinator
They will review your situation and perform a loan search for you
They will help you evaluate your best options
You select your loan of preference 
They will walk you through the processing and closing of your loan

We Understand Your Business... And...

The Challenges You Are Facing Today!

      And, perhaps the word "challenges" is an understatement. You've got the cooling off (to say the least) of the "Refinance Boom". Then, there are the "do not call" lists with stiff penalties. There's the increasing competition for a dwindling supply of borrowers. There's a bunch of vendors out there selling you junk. There's a bunch of vendors who can't deliver. You have pipelines which are spiraling downwards.

      Look, you are facing tough decisions and problems... but... you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality leads available. Everything we do is designed to pull in quality prospects which are easier for you to close.

      Our service is not the cheapest. But, know this: Quality is the key to your success and...

It's Not The Cost Per Lead... But...

The Cost Per Closed Loan That Really Matters!

      You can find similar quality leads if you don't mind waiting 4 to 6 weeks for "processing"... and... paying a "marketplace set-up fee" of $25,000 and a "transmit fee" for each lead... and... a "closed loan fee."

      I can't tell you how well our leads will work for you. You see, it depends not only on the quality of the leads... but... also the quality of your salesmanship and follow-up. But, I can tell you this: The worst closing ratio I've ever heard from someone using our leads is...

1 Loan Out Of 25 Leads!

The best I've ever heard of is...

Getting $300,000 From Spending $10,000 For Leads!

      Do the math yourself. But look: DON'T decide now if you want to be a full-time client. Just get started with a test and see for yourself how NEXTLEADS is like Miracle Grow™ for your pipeline.

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P.S.   I urge you to act on this opportunity NOW while there is still availability. We are one of the few lead providers fortunate enough to have the temporary "problem" of generating too many quality leads.


         Thanks for reading this message.

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I wanted to thank you for the professional service and professional product we received from your company Nextleads.Com.

In the past few years I have used a dozen internet lead company out there and was lucky to pull a 3-5% closing ratio. With the first 10 leads we received from your company we pulled in 5 applications, 50% contact on the first day of receiving the leads with 50% still to go.

I want to thank you for readjusting my faith in the Internet lead based community. We will have a prosperous future working together.

Thank You,
Robert Riggio
President, Global One Mortgage



I have been using NextLeads for approximately 2 years now and have been very successful with my conversion of leads to loans. I would say my conversion is anywhere from 10-15% success on leads to loans.

When you buy these leads they deliver what you order which is crucial.

For the price I pay per lead the revenue generated per lead will far exceed the cost.

The leads can be credited to your account if there is a bad number. mobile home etc....

NextLeads has been great to me and I appreciate how easy they are to work with and very customer service oriented unlike other mortgage lead companies I have tried.


Mike Steger
Hamilton Mortgage
Cedar Rapids, IA



I have been originating mortgage loans for 2 years and have been successful because of the quality of the leads I receive from NextLeads. I receive full cooperation from the borrower when I call and usually they are not working with any other broker or banker.

Several times I have worked with buyers who are actively looking for a home and don't find one for 6 months or longer, however they are loyal and close with me. Which I find great because it's a seeding process which I harvest later on. So my pipeline is always full and growing.

Most importantly, besides the quality of their leads, is I have found NextLeads to be one of the most ethical and reputable lead companies available.  I have tried about a dozen lead companies and nobody has come close to NextLeads quality, professionalism and service.

That's why I give your name out all the time to people.

Gary Morse
Primary Funding LTD.
Farmingdale, NY



I have been in the mortgage business for over 7 years and year to date have funded over $45,000,000.

I have tried at least 6 other internet lead providers and NextLeads is by far the best provider of quality leads that WILL close.

Thanks Kris - keep up the great job!

Rich in Denver



Thank you for really assisting me. I'm having a lot of fun with these first few people you are sending me. I may actually have a deal out of them. I'll know tomorrow :) Marie



I think you are going way above and beyond as far as the leads go. I want to thank you very much!!
Best Regards,

Michael Wood


Your probably wondering, what's this going to cost me?

I will tell you that right now.

Let me ask you first. 

What is it costing you now to not have enough Quality leads?

The worst result we have heard of is closing 1 loan from a test package.  I believe that originator must have been asking "do you want fries with that" the month before he became a "mortgage professional"

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To your success,

Kris Copeland, President

P.S. I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now, while there is still availability. We are one of the few lead providers fortunate to have the temporary problem of generating too many quality leads.

Once you see what your results are you will want to pre book your needs because if you don't they may be committed to another client when you need them.

P.P.S. Click here only if you have decided not to try our service

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