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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of mortgage leads available?

  • Exclusive Leads - will be sent to one broker.

  • Shared Leads - up to 3.

  • Second Pass Leads - When the client tells us that they blew it on the sales pitch or don't have the product requested but the borrowers are still looking for a loan.

What are the filters available?

  • Free filters include picking the loan types, credit ratings, property types and states.

  • All first mortgages <50k are free

  • LTV filter <95 is free.

  • Custom Filters (additional criteria) -  additional costs apply for each of the items listed under additional filters on the order form.

Q.  If I don't pay for additional filters does that mean I will not receive huge loans or lowest LTV loans

A. No it does not mean that, it means that you will receive all sizes and LTV ranges of loans

Q.  How do you calculate LTV

A. The system adds the balance of any 1st and 2nd mortgage the customer enters and divides it by the value approximation the customer enters.

What kind of closing results should I expect?
Our clients report back that 10-30% of the leads we provide result in sales in the short term. That’s not considering the possibility of additional closings at a later date, and their ability to get referrals from the leads.

Very Important note

This means that even the most successful originators out there are going to fail to close 70%-80% of the leads, this does not constitute a replacement.  They may not establish a rapport or have the product needed.  The applicant might not like the sound of their voice or the message they left.  One of the keys to high conversions is keeping a positive attitude and knowing when to move on to the next lead. 

What is the best approach to Internet mortgage Leads?
Since all consumers are generated off inbound website requests, you can assume that a general introduction (i.e. I'm responding to your Internet Mortgage inquiry) is appropriate.  Many of the sites say that the request will be forwarded to a loan coordinator.  The loan coordinator will contact them to review their situation then perform a loan search for them, present the results and walk them through the processing and closing phase of the loan of their choice.

  • e-mail the borrower first letting them know who you are and that you're ready to get their loan search started..
  • Call them at the time they requested, they may have read your email.
  • Remind them they had filled out a loan search request on the Internet
  • Tell them you're ready to get their loan search started.

This will help them remember the application and tie into why you're calling them. Remember, sometimes spouses fill out the request. If a potential client does not remember applying, make sure you ask if someone else in their household could have filled it out for them!

What is your lead replacement policy?
Customer service is key to our business. While we are consistently striving to continuously  improve our lead system, sometimes a lead does need to be replaced.  In those situations we take pride in offering the BEST replacement policy available on the Internet today. Simply put, we’ll replace a lead if:

  • The lead is a duplicate of a lead sent by us in the past 30 days.
  • The phone number is disconnected or a wrong # with NO 411 listing.
  • Our #1 problem is dyslexics and poor typists so check 411 or if the number is wrong.
  • The lead is a fictitious person, minor, another broker / agent (please don't put test apps in it just screws things up).
  • Unless in the case of purchase leads (new home), the lead is not a homeowner, OR owns a property not in your criteria, i.e. Mfg.

Where are your leads coming from?

We currently have over 200 mortgage sites on the internet.  We also obtain leads from our network through:

  • affiliates
  • search engine traffic
  • advertising via paid placements, banner ads, pop ups, etc.
  • opt in offers 

Our partnerships with a large volume of web sites continuously route "loan requests" to our database where filters are applied with the criteria that you have selected. If your website is generating applications outside your service area, You can become an affiliate.  Click here

You are not eligible to become an affiliate if you advertise rates.

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