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 Our Return rate is one of the lowest in the industry


Customer service is key to our business. While we are consistently striving to continuously  improve our lead system, sometimes a lead does need to be replaced.  In those situations we take pride in offering the BEST replacement policy available on the Internet today. Simply put, we’ll replace a lead if:

  • The Lead is a duplicate of a lead previously sent by us within the last 30 days.
  • The phone number is disconnected or a wrong # with no 411 listing.
  • The Lead is a fictitious person, a child, another broker / agent.
  • Unless in the case of purchase leads (new home), the lead is not a homeowner, OR is a mobile home, co-op, working farm, office building, etc (if outside your property type).

  What is unacceptable as a replacement and why.

  • Customer filled out the form with missing or approximate information, etc.  you called for a payoff and its more, or the appraisal is less, Fico's are lower, they forgot to mention their second mortgage, etc. - You know that most people use approximations and all we guaranty is that they submitted the data, it matched your order and we send it to you.  We do not guaranty that they filled it out right or know the exact #'s, etc.
  • You received this customer from a different lead provider before or after you received it from our site. We promise you will not get a duplicate from us within 30 days our system will not allow it.  We all know that internet shoppers are shoppers and frequently apply at more than one site.
  • They said they are talking to another broker / banker - We find that people who are looking to refinance their homes, and especially those borrowers big loans, call their banks, their friends, and anybody else they think can help them. Wouldn’t you do the same? Sometimes after getting an offer from one of these people they will tell others, i.e. You,  that they are already working with somebody else. If this occurs, simply do your job and give them an offer of your own. Your reply should be: “Of course you are. My name is _______ and here is what I can do for you, I would like to perform a loan search for you to see if you are - getting the best deal, in the right type of loan, etc etc etc….


  • Any return where you state the applicant says that they applied, weeks, months, etc, ago.  You see I have the server stamps and IP addresses of every application.  I will pull the log to make sure the system has not malfunctioned.

  • Any return where you state the applicant denies applying, assuming you made certain no one else in there home applied, i.e. spouse, life partner, etc.

  • Any applicant that is angry.

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