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Terms of service & Legal Disclaimer

Please read over these terms very carefully as it is a BINDING LEGAL AGREEMENT between YOU, the ADVERTISER, and us, NextLeads, an independent company which offers a paid service gathering information via the Internet for private companies. We are not a mortgage company or lender. 

As an ADVERTISER with us and by placing an order from our website, YOU are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms set forth below.

By submitting this form I (we) the 'ADVERTISER' hereby agree to the following terms of agreement.

By purchasing information gathering services from us or one of our reselling partners, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the following terms of service:

In no way can NextLeads. be held liable for the success or outcome of your subscriber/lead service purchase.

I as the ADVERTISER understand that NextLeads. will advertise on my behalf in ezines, directories, search engines and on their affiliate website's to increase my exposure and/or attract potential clients for my benefit.


I as the ADVERTISER hereby indemnifies and holds harmless NextLeads. and any entity or individual associated with this Agreement from any and all liabilities, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees, that may arise from advertising via or breach of the terms of this Agreement. The ADVERTISER will be solely responsible for defending any claim, payment of damages or losses resulting from the foregoing to both a third party and

The ADVERTISER agrees to pay all applicable charges to its account in United States currency, in accordance with the terms of the payment plan selected, including, if any, all applicable taxes, in accordance with billing terms in effect at the time the fee becomes payable. All payments are non refundable.

Payment Options:

1) Recurring Debit: has two authorized billing agents, PaySystems Inc., and

By providing my credit card information to an authorized billing agent, I, the ADVERTISER, hereby authorize to charge my credit card (via the authorized billing agent) every 30 days for the amount I have requested.

2) Pay As You Go:
The Pay As You Go Plan requires that all payments for the subscribers requested be paid in advance by way of credit card, PayPal, check or money order.

All charges will appear on my billing statement as being from or our authorized billing agent, or

If I the ADVERTISER wish to suspend or cancel I must do so by written notice. My account will be deemed either suspended or terminated seven (7) days after receives such notice provided all outstanding balances have been paid in full. I understand that there are no refunds on payments made prior to suspension or termination.  

I, the ADVERTISER, understand that I, the ADVERTISER, am solely responsible for the cancellation of any payment plans that I, the ADVERTISER, have in place.

To cancel your PayPal 30 day recurring 'subscription' go to your 'transaction history' on the web site.

To cancel your PaySystems 30 day recurring debit go to the 'card holder' services link found at the web site.

I, the ADVERTISER, understand that this is a legally binding agreement between I, the ADVERTISER, and

Your ordering our service signifies your reading and understanding of this agreement.


NextLeads does not endorse or recommend any specific kind of mortgage, mortgage company, insurance company, insurance policy or coverage. 

All information gathered by NextLeads is confidential, and is transferred upon receipt of funds to licensed professionals. These companies contact consumers directly to provide information about goods and services these consumers requested.

Leads are not to be sold or transferred to third parties.  Only the licensed professional subscribing to this service is entitled to their use.

If a subscriber's license is suspended, revoked, or goes out of effect, they are to notify us immediately.  

If we receive complaints regarding the licensee's level of service to the clients referred to them, Nextleads may at their sole discretion, terminate the licensee's account.  Accounts that are terminated due to excessive consumer complaints will not be entitled to a refund for any fees paid. So it is very much to your advantage not to generate complaints from the respondents. 

Nothing on this website should be viewed as an offer to buy mortgage or insurance products.

NextLeads makes no warranties or guaranties regarding the time required to fill your order.  The more specific your order is, the longer it will take to fill.

NextLeads cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information it gathers due to factors beyond their control. All information is provided as is, with any faults and errors. 

NextLeads shall not be held liable to any user of the information NextLeads provides, or liable to anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause, in the information, or for any resulting damages.

NextLeads shall not be liable for any damages suffered by any person or company who uses the information provided by NextLeads.

NextLeads claims no responsibility for the content of any messages or information posted by independent users anywhere the Internet. 

The NextLeads web site may be linked to other web sites which NextLeads has no relation and exercises no control. NextLeads makes no representations as to the accuracy of any of the information contained in such hyper linked sites, nor shall it be liable for the users' reliance on any information contained on these sites.

You are ordering leads from us under these terms of service & disclaimers
If you have questions regarding our policies call us prior to ordering

you may call us at 888-345-0427 or write to us at

Next Leads
640 South Miami Avenue, Suite 100
Miami, FL 33130

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